Comp 41A  

Hidden Ideas
All of the sentences
in a story are clues
to hidden ideas.

Slimy frog
or future prince?

Pick the better word for each story's hidden idea.

Mother is preparing
peanut butter and jelly.

1.  lunch  dinner
She is making
their   lunch .

His eyes are closed
and he is on the floor.

2.  eats  sleeps
The animal
just ______.

Jan stopped in front of
the monkies and stared.

3.  market  zoo
Jan is enjoying
the ______.

The camp was big and
his home was far away.

4.  scary  windy
It seems to be
a bit ______.

The air was crisp and
the snow was fresh.

5.  cold  hot
It is probably
______ outside.

Waves crashed over
beautiful shells.

6.  road  beach
They must be
on a ______.