Vocabulary 34A 

Technical Terms from Reading:
Learning to Ski

Snow skiing is fun but you must first
learn how. On a flat surface, you can
combine walking with gliding for the
basic ski walk. When you reach a
hill, you can use the side step. To
gain firm footing you must edge your
skis by pressing the sides into the
slope. Then you step sideways up the
hill with your edges at right angles to
the fall line, the line a ball would roll
down the slope.
          Skiing downhill in a straight line is called
. To slow down, you must
form a wedge with your skis, closer in
front and wider behind. This is called a
. Skiing diagonally down a
slope is called traversing. Of course,
the hard part is the turn, the most basic
called a stem turn. Releasing an edge
and skidding sideways is a skill called
side slipping
. It can be used for more
advanced methods of turning.
Using the article above, choose the best word.

You can slow your speed
using the  ?  technique.

1.   snowplow 

Gliding across level
snow is called the  ? .

2.  ________

It is easy to climb a
hill using the  ? .

3.  ________

To prevent slipping down
a slope, you must first
 ?  your skis.

4.  ________

An alternative to going
straight down a hill is
 ?  at an angle.

5.  ________

If you are  ? , you are
going straight down
the snow slope.

6.  ________

To zig-zag down a hill,
you can transverse,  ? 
and transverse again.

7.  ________

Releasing your edge
causes a controlled
slide called  ? .

8.  ________

The most direct path
straight down a hill
is called the  ? .

9.  ________