Who, Where  
When, What
& How

 Vocabulary 30A 

Who, Where
When, What
and How

The athlete triumphantly ran
the 100 meter dash to the finish
line last Saturday afternoon.

who=the athlete
where=to the finish line
when=last Saturday afternoon
what=ran the 100 meter dash

For the underlined word or phrase,
write "who, where, when, what or how".

The World Series
got underway today.

1.    what  

I prefer basketball
to baseball anytime.

2.  ________

Skiing is my favorite
winter passtime.

3.  _______

I proudly told the
class about my dog.

4.  ________

Dancing is very
important to Kim.

5.  ________

I go to school five
days a week.

6.  ________

The stock market
fell unexpectedly.

7.  ________

We will compete at
the fairgrounds.

8.  ________

Mario Andretti is
my racing hero.

9.  ________