Context Clues  

 Vocabulary 29A 


The meaning of
of a story helps
to understand
unknown words.

The round ball
is an example
of a sphere.

round ball

Use the whole sentence as a clue.

The mailman was not sure
of the best  ?  to walk.

route  marathon

1.    route  

It was their  ?  to have
a picnic every Easter.

tradition  eggs

2.  ________

We always  ?  our fire
with water to be safe.

heat  douse

3.  ________

The sleepy puppy always
 ?  behind the other dogs.

 barked  lagged

4.  ________

The  ?  in the air told
me to prepare for rain.

humidity  dust

5.  ________

The bow and arrow is an
 ?  weapon of days past.

imperial  ancient

6.  ________

My mother became  ?
when she could not find
my brother in the store.

frantic  funny

7.  ________

They had to  ?  their
baggage overboard when
the boat began to sink.

check  heave

8.  ________

Shelia caught a type
of pneumonia caused
by a common  ? .

violet  virus

9.  ________