Who, Where  
When, What
& How

 Vocabulary 26A 

Who, Where
When, What
and How

After school, Tom rode quickly
to the store to buy a baseball mitt.

where=to the store
when=after school
what=buy a baseball mitt
how=rode quickly

For the underlined word or phrase,
write "who, where, when, what or how".

We caught a turtle
near the lake.

1.    what  

The bananas smelled
like a creamy pie.

2.  ________

Mice ate the cheese
left out overnight.

3.  _______

Bill hit the ball and
ran to second base.

4.  ________

Jody and Jan love to
to play volleyball.

5.  ________

Our team practices
every day.

6.  ________

Jonathan went to the
dentist in pain.

7.  ________

We ate beans for
dinner every night.

8.  ________

Willie planted a tree
to honor them.

9.  ________