Sentence Clues  

 Vocabulary 25A 


Phrases can be
clues to help you
understand the
whole sentence.

The red artificial
flowers are made
of paper and wire.

paper & wire

Use the red highlighted phrase as a clue.

Dad asked for  ?  to
help rake up
the fallen
leaves in our backyard.

volunteers  slaves

1.  volunteers

We needed more  ?
to fill all of the positions

on our soccer team

players  visitors

2.  ________

Jason pointed the dart
toward the target as
he took very careful  ? .

circumference  aim

3.  ________

Many cars backed up
on the street
until the
whole  ?  was jammed.

boulevard  gutter

4.  ________

Although he studied for
a test
, he was surprized
to do well on the pop  ? .

report  quiz

5.  ________

I was nearly correct even
though the measurement
was quick and only  ? .

ruler  approximate

6.  ________

The judge was very honest
and the prisoner felt he
would get a  ?  trial.

dishonest  fair

7.  ________

Jane was carefully told
what she should do and
the  ?  proved helpful.

advice  hammer

8.  ________

He was a genius when it
came to chemistry, so
we called him our  ? .

wizard  president

9.  ________