Context Clues  

 Vocabulary 24A 


The meaning of
of a story helps
to understand
unknown words.

The crowd loudly
cheered showing a
grand enthusiasm.


Use the whole sentence as a clue.

I asked the clerk
for  ?  in the store.

assistance  hugs

1.  assistance

Honey bees live in a
highly organized  ? .

community  home

2.  ________

Long ago,  ?  was
a very valuable spice.

gold  pepper

3.  ________

We heard the  ?  of
a squirrel in the tree.

song  chatter

4.  ________

He is saving his  ?
 to buy ski equipment.

allowance  snow

5.  ________

Very angry, he  ?  the
door and locked it.

cleaned  slammed

6.  ________

The growl of the mean
guard dog was  ? .

fierce  friendly

7.  ________

Alice wanted to  ?  a
coat from the catalog.

make  purchase

8.  ________

We narrowly escaped
the  ?  chasing our boat.

gentlemen  pirates

9.  ________