Context Clues  

 Vocabulary 20A 


The meaning of
of a story helps
to understand
unknown words.

They lived in a
little house that
was very snug.

little, snug

Use the whole sentence as a clue.

Susan likes to  ?
on her bicycle.

1.  race  roar

We call him Sleepy
because he likes to  ? .

2.  nap  jump

Josh took a quick run
around the school  ? .

3.  office  field

Jose jumped when his
 ?  clock went off.

4.  atomic  alarm

He was up a creek
without a  ? .

5.  paddle  puppy

We had fun watching
cowboys at the  ? .

6.  store  rodeo

I needed four cups of
milk and bought a  ? .

7.  quart  cow

He loves hot, yellow
 ?  on his hotdog.

8.  meat  mustard

The king lived in a
 ?  at the top of a hill.

9.  cabin  castle