List of the Most Common Sight Words

The following 25 words make up approximately one fourth of all written material. Learn them on sight and your reading skill will be greatly improved. Print this sheet and cut out the boxes to make flash cards to practice these words by themselves or in short sentences. Note how many sentences contain multiple sight words.

1 the Give him the ball.
2 and Dogs and cats are fun.
3 a Give me a drink.
4 to Go to the store.
5 in I am in the house.
6 you I love you.
7 of We are out of time.
8 it I like it hot.
9 is It is very cool.
10 he Where is he going?
11 she How tall is she?
12 that I like it that way.
13 was It was a long day.
14 for I play for fun.
15 I I am going home.
16 his It is his bat.
17 her It is her doll.
18 they Are they happy?
19 with I will walk with you.
20 are You are my pal.
21 be Please be quiet.
22 but I jump but you sit.
23 at It is dark at night.
24 one I have one bike.
25 said Her mother said it.

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