Compare, Cause 
Effect & Riddle

Test F

Answer with the better blue word.

What does the picture
below look like
to you?

Example:   bee  

bee  ant

Insects are creatures
with 6 legs. Butterflies
and ants are insects.
How are they the same?

39.   _______

wings  legs

They were driving too
fast, did not have time
to react and crashed.
What was the cause?

40.   _______

cars  speed

Vampire bats bite to draw
blood from other animals,
somewhat like mosquitos.
Is this evil or strange?

41.   _______

evil  strange

Long ago, I used to be
part of a tree. Now I
live inside of a book.
What on Earth am I?

42.   _______

words  paper

The mother lion flapped
her wings and flew
back to the nest. Which
word does not fit?

43.   _______

lion  wings