React, Compare 
Infer & Riddle

Test D

Write the better blue word.

What does the picture
below look like
to you?

Example:   bee  

bee  ant

Jess drew a ladybug and
mom said, "Good job."
How did Jess feel?

24.   _______

buggy  proud

A bird is not a bat,
but they both do one
thing very well.

25.   _______

hang  fly

Mary had to walk
home in the rain.
Her shoes are   ?  

26.   _______

wet  colorful

Izzy felt sick after
eating too much candy.
Izzy went to   ?  

27.   _______

church  bed

Mom plants, waters and
grows beautiful flowers.
Mom has a   ?  

28.   _______

leaf  garden

After swimming all day,
I could eat a horse.
I am what?

29.   _______

mean  hungry

I am very round.
I am sweet.
I am red.

30.   _______

pear  apple