Main Ideas
  & Sequence  

Test B

Write the better blue word.

What does it
look like?

Example:   bee  

bee  ant

Birds live in trees.
Where are bird nests?

8.   _______

eggs  trees

Tom said, "See my boat."
Who is talking?

9.   _______

boat  Tom

I could not eat more.
I was what?

10.   _______

full  hungry

Jose's cat ran away.
How did Jose feel?

11.   _______

glad  sad

Dogs bark, kids talk.
Do they sound the same?

12.   _______

yes  no

Which is higher,
the cow or moon?

13.   _______

cow  moon

The plant was dry.
What should we do?

14.   _______

paint  water

Birds fly in the water.
Is this right?

15.   _______

yes  no