Comp 55A  

are stories that
teach a lesson.

in fables are
often simple
animals that
act like us.

The Ant and


Once there was an ant and a grasshopper. The busy ant worked hard all
summer long gathering food and storing it for the winter. The laid back
grasshopper spent his summer playing the fiddle, singing and dancing.
When the winter snows came, the ant had food while the grasshopper
was starving. He begged the ant for food. The ant asked, "Where were
you during the harvest?" Finally, the ant took pity on the poor insect and
shared his food. The happy grasshopper entertained the ant all winter.

1.  hard  dumb
The story is about a
  hard  working ant.

2.  smart  lazy
It is also about a
_____ grasshopper.

3.  work  play
The grasshopper
prefers to ______.

4.  kept  shared

The ant finally
______ his food.

5.  before  after

The lesson is "work
comes ______ play."

6.  ____________

What do you think
of the story's end?