Key Words  

  Comp 47A  


Words can be
keys to unlock
the meaning.

John and Jim
are pals. They
play soccer any
chance they get.

pals, soccer

Rob loves to read about the sea. Give him a book about fish and he is
is one happy fellow. Too bad he lives in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

1.  ocean  land
Rob loves books
about the ocean.

2.  sad  happy
Reading about fish
makes him ______.

3.  marsh  desert
He likes water but
lives in a ______.

Helen just got a new red bicycle. She worked many long hours after
school to earn and save enough money to buy it. Whoosh, look at
her fly by. I think she might be faster than a speeding jet plane.

4.  Rob  Helen
_______ got a
new bicycle.

5.  beg  work
She had to ______
for her new bike.

6.  carefully  fast
She rides her bike
very, very _______.