Main Idea
  and Details  

  Comp 45A  

Main Idea and Details
Paragraphs have one
big idea supported
by many detail ideas.

ants, flies, roaches, rats

All of us must live with house pests. They are not good guests and will
not leave if you ask. Ants live in the dirt and come inside for food. Flies
think an open window is an invitation. Rats and roaches like the garage.

Many pests live in our
Is this the main
idea or a detail idea?

1.  main  detail

Flies come through open
Is this the main
idea or a detail idea?

2.  main  detail

The story covers house
pests. It has support
details about this pest.

3.  roach  gopher

How do you get rid of house pests? Stop them from entering or destroy
them if they try. If you don't leave food out, they may not want to enter.
Be sure to have screens on your windows and a big swatter in your hand. 

Get rid of house pests.
Is this the main idea of
the three lines above?

4.  ________

Don't leave food out.
Is this the main idea or
just one detail?

5.  ________

Destroy the pests.
Is there another way
to solve the problem?

6.  ________

What should you put
over open windows?

7.  ________

What is a good tool
for smashing flies?

8.  ________

Did the story discuss
repellants or poisons?

9.  ________