Supporting Ideas  

  Comp 44A  

Supporting Ideas
Paragraphs have many
smaller ideas that
support the main idea.

excitement, animals

Janet couldn't wait for her class to visit the zoo. She loves all kinds
of animals (except snakes), but her favorites are the cute monkeys.

1.  circus  zoo
Janet's class was
going to the  zoo .

2.  zebras  snakes
She does not seem
to like ______.

3.  lion  monkey
Her favorite animal
is the ______.

When the big day arrived, Janet had a huge grin on her face as she
walked into the zoo. First they saw animals from Africa like lions,
tigers and zebras. As a treat, everyone got to ride on an elephant.
Finally, they stopped at Monkey Island, home to over 60 monkeys.

4.  nervous  happy
Janet was _______
to be at the zoo.

5.  tigers  snakes
First they saw animals
like lions and _______.

6.  America  Africa
Tigers and zebras are
from _______.

7.  hunt  ride
They even went on
an elephant _______.

8.  island  alley
The monkeys live
on an _______.

9.  friend  monkeys
Janet finally got to
see her _______.