Cause and  

  Comp 40A  


A cause makes
it happen. The
effect is simply
what happened.

He drove fast
and crashed.

Cause: speed
Effect: crash

We bought 100 small plants for our flower garden. After a full day's
work, our beautiful garden was finished. Just one week later, a freak
hail storm damaged most of the plants. Mother Nature was not kind.

1.  seeds  plants
They bought
100   plants  .

2.  rest  work
A day's ______
got it done.

3.  Hail  Birds
______ broke
many plants.

My dog needed a new house. So, I got wood from our garage, cut it
with a saw and nailed it with a hammer. Did I mention that I also hit
my thumb with the hammer? I hope my dog appreciates his house.

4.  bowl  house
His dog needed
a new ______ .

5.  saw  knife
He cut the wood
with a ______ .

6.  head  thumb
Too bad, he
hit his ______ .