Supporting Ideas  

  Comp 31A  

Supporting Ideas
Paragraphs have many
smaller ideas that
support the main idea.

crust, fruit, good

Scott and Julie were very excited. They were going to help
make their own ice cream at the family's summer picnic.

1.  excited  tense
They were both
very  excited .

2.  fall  summer
It was in the
______ season.

3.  picnic  boat
They were on a
family ______.

Mom poured the cream mixed with fruit. Dad then put
the salt and ice around it. They all helped but it seemed
as if it took forever. When it was done, it was delicious.

4.  fruit  chocolate
The ice cream was
_______ flavored.

5.  soda  salt
It was cooled with
ice and _______.

6.  helper  clown
Everyone was
a _______.

7.  short  long
They waited a
_______ time.

8.  great  OK
The ice cream
tasted _______.

9.  fun  stupid
Making ice cream
is _______.