Comp 28A  


Stories are more
than just words.
What you think
adds to a story.

John swims, runs
and plays sports.

John is active.

Write the better word for each story.

The sun came up and
the birds began to sing.

1. morning  late
It was early

He rode a horse, wore
a big hat and boots.

2. clerk  cowboy
He was a
real _______.

It was hot and we
wnet to the beach.

3. fall  summer
It was a
_______ day.

Lisa runs, plays and
even talks to her cat.

4. loves  hurts
She ______
her kitty cat.

He walks up and down
our street with the mail.

5. mailman  cop
He is our local

Mother went to buy
milk, meat and fruit.

6. barn  store
Mother went
to the ______.