Cause and  

  Comp 26A  

Did It

A story can
tell why it

Mary walked
in the rain
and got wet.


Fresh snow covered the ground. Tony played on his sled.
Then he worked hard to build a snowman. But the hot sun
came out and soon everything was melted.

1.  sled  bike
Tony played
on his  sled.

2. work  easy
Building with
snow is ______.

3.  lit  melted
The hot sun
______ it.

Grandfather Joe was late for our party. He drove his car
fast to make up time. Too bad he hit another car. He did
not get to our party and had to go to a hospital.

4.  sick  late
He was ______
and drove fast.

5.  hit  passed
Going fast, he
______ a car.

6.  doctor  pal
Joe had to
see a ______.