Comp 24A  

How Do

How do you
think you
would feel if
it happened
to you?


"Wake up Spot," Nancy said for the third time. The sun is
shinning and it is a beautiful day. "Let's play ball, chase a
stick or something," she begged.

1.  sleepy  alert
Spot was
very  sleepy.

2. day  night
It was during
the ______.

3.  hide  play
Nancy wanted
to ______.

Jason made a picture card for his mother. It showed a cute
ladybug and was just what she wanted. She said, "I will put
it on our wall so everyone can see."

4.  drew  found
Jason ______ a
 picture card.

5.  hated  liked
Mother _______
the ladybug.

6.  proud  sad
Jason felt
very _______.