Supporting Ideas  

  Comp 16A  


A story has one
big idea. It also
has many small
ideas that point
to the big idea.

nest, eggs,
fly, sing

Mary could not sleep. She was worried about her puppy, Chips.
It was dark and little Chips had not come home.

1.  talk  sleep
Mary could
not  sleep.

2.  lost  home
Mary's dog
was ______.

3.  Sam  Chips
The dog's name
was ______.

It was a very warm day. The sun was shining high in the sky.
The children were having fun jumping rope and eating cold fruit.

4.  cold  warm
The day was
very ______.

5.  nap  fun
The children
had ______.

6.  fruit  candy
They ate
cold _______.