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Free Phonics Worksheets and Reading Tests with support for Alphabetics, Phonemic Awareness, Word Structure, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Remedial Reading Programs

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Reading is based on the common sense knowledge that words are built from sounds and that sounds may be represented by letters. Professionals give these concepts the fancy names Phonemic Awareness and Alphabetics. These skills are discussed in the section titled Basics which may be accessed by clicking the menu above. Reading progress is accelerated when a child is comfortable with sounds and associates them with letters. Spend some time with the basics and it will be time well spent whether your child is in kindergarten, 1st grade or beyond.

After mastering the basics of reading, it's time to jump into phonics. Phonics is the set of skills that decode a group of letters into the sounds of a word. At Learning Target, we have organized phonics into simple skills, created tests to measure these skills and developed hundreds of worksheets to teach the rules of phonics. This allows you to target those skills that are weak, maximizing your gain and minimizing your effort. You only study the lessons that are needed. Click on Phonics to access an extensive index of reading tests and phonics worksheets that may be printed free of charge.

Phonics instruction is complemented by other sections covering Word Structure, Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills. Each section contains grade level charts that give you access to hundreds of worksheets and placement tests. Choose a grade level and then click on numbers or letters to display worksheets and tests. Print tests to identify weak skills. Print worksheet lessons to reinforce those weak skills. For more detailed instructions, read the Helpful Hints section. Raise Your IQ discusses the role of food intolerance in academic improvement and overall performance. If you don't feel well, how can you expect to do well?  The Feingold Diet targets attention deficit problems. Finally, if you suspect your child has learning disabilities like aphasia, autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia, you may wish to read the section covering Learning Disability.

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